Shhhh…We went on a Disney Cruise Without Children…And You Should Too!

Yes, this totally goes against doing Disney “Family Style”!  We highly recommend going on a Disney cruise as a family.  We have several posts here about that.  But, you need to consider one for just the two of you!

When is the last time you took a vacation with just your spouse?  Not just a 2 hour date night, not a trip for work, but a full vacation with the 2 of you?

For us it had been 10 years!  Way too long!

disney cruise for adults

First let’s talk about the #1 reason you haven’t taken a parent only trip – cost!

Over the years, we talked about going to the beach, going to WDW, or any number of trips for just the two of us.  Then you start the rationale, but if we took that money and put it toward a trip for the whole family we could….

You can get stuck in that circular reasoning for ever.

Take the time to be a couple!

And Disney cruise is the perfect way to help justify it.  You get your Disney fix. You know the service will be great.  All the hassle of a regular vacation are taken care of – no driving, no parking, no searching for meals or paying for them.  Cruises are all inclusive.

Even better, you can find a Disney cruise for just the two of you at a very reasonable price.  Our cruise was a 3 night trip out of Port Canaveral.  We booked an Ocean View Deluxe Verandah.  The cost was $1,000.  Total!  Food, entertainment, room, everything!  There were other staterooms available for under $800.  That’s a great price for a couples only getaway!

Next you’ll probably say to  yourself, a Disney trip just isn’t the same without my children.  Yes, you are exactly right!

And that’s way you should take one just as a couple.

A Disney cruise isn’t the same as just adults.  It becomes a whole new experience.  Sure, we visited some of the adult areas while our daughter was cruising with us.  Without children you don’t visit the adult areas, you go and actually enjoy them.  You can truly relax not worry about your wave phone going off.  You can concentrate on your fun.

disney cruise mixology classes

Mixology Class – Disney Magic with Andy

Many people can’t believe that adults actually want to get on a Disney ship without children.   There is a whole world of adult activities and areas on the ship just for adults.  From mixology classes, game shows, lounges, pools, and a private beach on Castaway Cay, Disney offers a large variety of adult only offerings.  Most people, like us, don’t get to fully enjoy these areas because of the pull of being together as a family.  As a couple, you’ll find yourself immerse in these.

Convinced yet?

Above all, you need to take the time as a couple.  Too many marriages fall about, in fact more then 50% do.  Don’t be part of the 50%!

Get away and be a couple!  And Disney cruise is, in our opinion, the best trip for that!


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