That costs how much? Do you know how many days I can go to Disney World for that?

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story... or The $10 founding father without a father... or I return with guns and ships and so the balance shifts... If you are like my family you know those lyrics by heart.  We are among the thousands obsessed with the music from the smash hit Hamilton. Now that school is back in...Read More

Worst Disney Trip Ever

In December 2010 we headed back to Florida for a 10 day Merry Birthday Trip.  We were all excited to spend so many days in our favorite place, celebrating a birthday and Christmas. Of course, none of our trips to Walt Disney World is ever a bad trip.  This trip had a few more "challenges" than some of our others....Read More

Top 5 Don’t Dos for Disney

Every time we visit Walt Disney World Resort, we usually realize something that we could have done differently.   Sometimes it is little things, like remembering to pack sunscreen.  Other times there are bigger things that could have made our daily adventures a little better! So here is our top 5! Top 5 Don't Dos for Disney NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE...Read More

5 Ways First Timers Waste Money at Walt Disney World

Budget is always a major concern when heading to Walt Disney World! Saving money at Disney World in the parks is always a goal.  There are some common mistakes first time visitors make that will cost you money! Here are our top tips for not wasting money at WDW. 5.  Parking  We made this mistake on one of our first...Read More

Planning a Walt Disney World Trip? You First Must Do…

You've decided to take the family to Walt Disney World!  Let the fun begin! We love the anticipation and build up before a trip!  You are full of excitement and questions.  Like everyone now a days, the first thing you do?  Turn to the internet. There are hundreds, probably thousands of sites like ours talking about Disney World.  Then there are the...Read More

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