Free Food and More Walt Disney World Specials – January to June 2018

Who doesn't like FREE Food? Disney just released great new specials for travel to Disney World January through June 2018. New Specials Include 20% Off Rooms Free Quick Service Meal Each Day Thinking about a WDW trip, now is the time!  Take advantage of these great deals. Get a free quote for your Disney World vacation now!

The Golden Gowder – Disney Wonder Mixology Class

Disney Cruise Line offers many different tasting session on their cruises.  You can find sessions such as Cognac, Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Tequilla, and more.  Most of the tastings are $20/person plus gratuity.  If you are in a cruise Facebook Group, check with the group about a private session. One of our favorites is the Mixology class.  In Mixology, you learn techniques...Read More

Rogue One Review – Spoiler Free Review

The latest movie in the Star Wars franchise has finally hit theaters.  Rogue One is the first stand alone story - a so call Star Wars Anthology. The story of Rogue One takes place between Episode III and Episode IV.  The Empire is at the height of their strength.  Many planets around the galaxy are war zones.  Rogue One is...Read More

Why You Should Join Your Cruise Facebook Group?

Did you know that there is a Facebook group for every Disney cruise? Not just each ship, but every sailing! Have you heard of Fish Extenders?  These groups are how you join the gift exchanges for Fish Extenders! In the past these group were managed on DisBoards.  If you have been around the online Disney community for a while, you...Read More

That costs how much? Do you know how many days I can go to Disney World for that?

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story... or The $10 founding father without a father... or I return with guns and ships and so the balance shifts... If you are like my family you know those lyrics by heart.  We are among the thousands obsessed with the music from the smash hit Hamilton. Now that school is back in...Read More

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